09.12.2017    AUT   MÖNCHHOF/OLD TOWER with Izzy Bash



27.08.2015    AUT   VIENNA/VIPER ROOM with The Heavy Minds, Torso, Slingshot and more...


13.05.2015    AUT   VIENNA/SHELTER with Minus Green and Radar Men from the Moon


17.04.2015    AUT   VIENNA/ARENA with Far away Town, Halfbaked Cheese and The Veins


13.02.2015    AUT   LINZ/ANN AND PAT with Drone Hunter and Swanmay




13.11.2014    AUT   VIENNA/VIPER ROOM with Sophie's Earthquake, Cuzo and Slingshot


10.01.2014    AUT   VIENNA/ARENA with Simeon Soul Charger, The Heavy Minds and Naplava




20.12.2013    AUT   NEUSIEDL AM SEE/BERGWERK with Chango


09.11.2013    AUT   LINZ/KAPU with Dead Meadow


27.10.2013    AUT   VIENNA/VIPER ROOM with Lucky Funeral and Krabovsky


15.06.2013    AUT   GRAZ/WAKUUM with Triptonus and White Miles


06.06.2013    AUT   VIENNA/WEBERKNECHT with Circle of Witches and Planetary Geartrain 


09.05.2013    AUT   VIENNA/VENSTER with Godsground and Vokara 


07.05.2013    AUT   VIENNA/SHELTER with Bottlecap and Sons of Giants


03.04.2013    GER   MUNICH/8BELOW with Jenny Hooker and JD


08.02.2013    AUT   VIENNA/VENSTER99          

                             with Parasol Caravan, Hands of Shiva and Dirt Deflector


25.01.2013    AUT   NEUSIEDL AM SEE/BERGWERK with Jenny Hooker




08.12.2012    AUT    MÖNCHHOF/OLD TOWER with Circle of Witches


07.12.2012    AUT    VIENNA/WEBERKNECHT with Circle of Witches  


01.12.2012    AUT    HAAG/BÖLLERBAUER with Triptonus and Halfbaked Cheese


30.11.2012       IT    NEAPEL/DARK CLUB ARCADIA with Circle of Witches


29.11.2012       IT    SALERNO/MERMAID'S TAVERN with Circle of Witches


26.07.2012    AUT    VIENNA/VIPER ROOM with Eye Hate God, Morthem and Melmosh


16.07.2012    AUT    VIENNA/U4 with Brain Dead Sir and Hotsawce


17.05.2012    AUT    VIENNA/VIPER ROOM with Harpia Deiis, Deathtale and Bury The Sun 




04.11.2011    AUT    VIENNA/ESCAPE with Thiary, Gonoreas and Devilate


08.09.2011    AUT    VIENNA/SHELTER with Far away Town


03.06.2011    AUT   ST.ANDRÄ/REED ROCK

                              with  Psycho Killers, Siege of Chirra, Ease of Ignition and more...


03.06.2011    AUT   VIENNA/CAFE CARINA

Space Cell

Seewinkel, Burgenland




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